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JEN is…

a Top-of-Mind Awareness Marketing Program designed to keep your name in front of the people who can make you money. Your JEN newsletter is written and delivered to your valuable contacts each month on your behalf. All you need to do is add to your list of recipients.

JEN Advantages

Extremely Low Cost – Since JEN is sent by email, you don’t have the expense of paper, printing, and postage. That’s why JEN is a fraction of traditional ‘paper & ink’ newsletter programs.

Easy to Manage - You need do nothing but add more people to your recipient list and increase the effectiveness, but never the cost, of your JEN. We do the rest!

Interesting Content – Each month, JEN writers assemble a selection of articles, tips, tidbits and humour designed to appeal to all members of a household. Brief, informative, interesting articles will have your contacts looking forward to your next issue of JEN … and sharing it with their friends.

Drives Traffic to Your Website – JEN’s live links to your site, property page, mortgage info, etc. are convenient - just a click away. You can even add your JEN to your site as a source of fresh content.

Eco-Friendly – earth-conscious people everywhere will appreciate that you choose your marketing options carefully. They will recognize that no trees were cut down, nor excessive power consumed to bring them your JEN.

JEN Value

JEN is available as a Monthly or Yearly Program

Monthly - $29.75 including GST

Yearly - $300.00 including GST (Save $57 each year!)

A set-up fee of $49 + GST applies to all new programs. Prices are in $CAN

Distribution is UNLIMITED!

How to Get Your Own JEN

Simply call (905-510-5407) or e-mail (support@justenuffnews.com) to get started. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions, create your JEN and initiate your program. You will then receive your personalized JEN e-newsletter along with full program information within 2 business days.

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Privacy Policy

JEN understands how sensitive and valuable your contacts’ information is to you. The information you apply is used to facilitate the sending of your newsletters only. This information is not used for any other purpose, nor sold to another party. No other JEN Program Members will have access to your information. The information collected about you will be only be used by JEN for administration purposes.

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